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U-Boot学习:[0]global_data 和 bd_info

U-Boot学习:[0]global_data 和 bd_info

基于U-Boot 2017.03-rc2-gc7a25b3-dirty 源码分析


global_data 数据结构

global_data 数据结构的定义位于源码目录:


typedef struct global_data {
    bd_t *bd;        //struct board_info指针,保存板子信息
    unsigned long flags;        //指示标志,如设备已经初始化标志等
    unsigned int baudrate;         //串口波特率
    unsigned long cpu_clk;        /* CPU clock in Hz!        */
    unsigned long bus_clk;
    /* We cannot bracket this with CONFIG_PCI due to mpc5xxx */
    unsigned long pci_clk;
    unsigned long mem_clk;
#if defined(CONFIG_LCD) || defined(CONFIG_VIDEO)
    unsigned long fb_base;        /* Base address of framebuffer mem frame buffer的基址 */
#if defined(CONFIG_POST) || defined(CONFIG_LOGBUFFER)
    unsigned long post_log_word;    /* Record POST activities */
    unsigned long post_log_res;    /* success of POST test */
    unsigned long post_init_f_time;    /* When post_init_f started */
    unsigned long board_type;
    unsigned long have_console;    /* serial_init() was called 串口初始化标志 */
    unsigned long precon_buf_idx;    /* Pre-Console buffer index */
    unsigned long env_addr;        /* Address  of Environment struct 环境参数地址 */
    unsigned long env_valid;    /* Checksum of Environment valid? 环境参数CRC检验有效标志 */

    unsigned long ram_top;        /* Top address of RAM used by U-Boot */
    unsigned long relocaddr;    /* Start address of U-Boot in RAM */
    phys_size_t ram_size;        /* RAM size */
    unsigned long mon_len;        /* monitor len */
    unsigned long irq_sp;        /* irq stack pointer */
    unsigned long start_addr_sp;    /* start_addr_stackpointer */
    unsigned long reloc_off;
    struct global_data *new_gd;    /* relocated global data */

#ifdef CONFIG_DM
    struct udevice    *dm_root;    /* Root instance for Driver Model */
    struct udevice    *dm_root_f;    /* Pre-relocation root instance */
    struct list_head uclass_root;    /* Head of core tree */
    struct udevice    *timer;        /* Timer instance for Driver Model */

    const void *fdt_blob;        /* Our device tree, NULL if none */
    void *new_fdt;            /* Relocated FDT */
    unsigned long fdt_size;        /* Space reserved for relocated FDT */
    struct jt_funcs *jt;        /* jump table 跳转表,用来"函数调用地址登记" */
    char env_buf[32];        /* buffer for getenv() before reloc. */
    void        *trace_buff;    /* The trace buffer */
#if defined(CONFIG_SYS_I2C)
    int        cur_i2c_bus;    /* current used i2c bus */
    void *srdata[10];
    unsigned long timebase_h;
    unsigned long timebase_l;
    unsigned long malloc_base;    /* base address of early malloc() */
    unsigned long malloc_limit;    /* limit address */
    unsigned long malloc_ptr;    /* current address */
    struct pci_controller *hose;    /* PCI hose for early use */
    phys_addr_t pci_ram_top;    /* top of region accessible to PCI */
    int pcidelay_done;
    struct udevice *cur_serial_dev;    /* current serial device */
    struct arch_global_data arch;    /* architecture-specific data */
    struct membuff console_out;    /* console output */
    struct membuff console_in;    /* console input */
    ulong video_top;        /* Top of video frame buffer area */
    ulong video_bottom;        /* Bottom of video frame buffer area */
} gd_t;

### global_data 声明

对于ARM架构,其 struct arch_global_data 定义位于源码目录:

<pre>`/* Architecture-specific global data */
struct arch_global_data {
#if defined(CONFIG_FSL_ESDHC)
    u32 sdhc_clk;

#if defined(CONFIG_U_QE)
    u32 qe_clk;
    u32 brg_clk;
    uint mp_alloc_base;
    uint mp_alloc_top;
#endif /* CONFIG_U_QE */

    /* "static data" needed by at91's clock.c */
    unsigned long    cpu_clk_rate_hz;
    unsigned long    main_clk_rate_hz;
    unsigned long    mck_rate_hz;
    unsigned long    plla_rate_hz;
    unsigned long    pllb_rate_hz;
    unsigned long    at91_pllb_usb_init;
    /* "static data" needed by most of timer.c on ARM platforms */
    unsigned long timer_rate_hz;
    unsigned long tbu;
    unsigned long tbl;
    unsigned long lastinc;
    unsigned long long timer_reset_value;
#if !(defined(CONFIG_SYS_ICACHE_OFF) &amp;&amp; defined(CONFIG_SYS_DCACHE_OFF))
    unsigned long tlb_addr;
    unsigned long tlb_size;
#if defined(CONFIG_ARM64)
    unsigned long tlb_fillptr;
    unsigned long tlb_emerg;
     * Secure memory addr
     * This variable needs maintenance if the RAM base is not zero,
     * or if RAM splits into non-consecutive banks. It also has a
     * flag indicating the secure memory is marked as secure by MMU.
     * Flags used: 0x1 secured
     *             0x2 maintained
    phys_addr_t secure_ram;
    unsigned long tlb_allocated;

    u32 omap_boot_device;
    u32 omap_boot_mode;
    u8 omap_ch_flags;
#if defined(CONFIG_FSL_LSCH3) &amp;&amp; defined(CONFIG_SYS_FSL_HAS_DP_DDR)
    unsigned long mem2_clk;

<pre>`#ifdef CONFIG_ARM64
#define DECLARE_GLOBAL_DATA_PTR        register volatile gd_t *gd asm ("x18")
#define DECLARE_GLOBAL_DATA_PTR        register volatile gd_t *gd asm ("r9")

## bd_info

### bd_info 数据结构

bd_info 数据结构的定义位于源码目录:

<pre>`typedef struct bd_info {
    unsigned long    bi_memstart;    /* start of DRAM memory */
    phys_size_t    bi_memsize;    /* size     of DRAM memory in bytes */
    unsigned long    bi_flashstart;    /* start of FLASH memory */
    unsigned long    bi_flashsize;    /* size     of FLASH memory */
    unsigned long    bi_flashoffset; /* reserved area for startup monitor */
    unsigned long    bi_sramstart;    /* start of SRAM memory */
    unsigned long    bi_sramsize;    /* size     of SRAM memory */
#ifdef CONFIG_AVR32
    unsigned char   bi_phy_id[4];   /* PHY address for ATAG_ETHERNET */
    unsigned long   bi_board_number;/* ATAG_BOARDINFO */
    unsigned long    bi_arm_freq; /* arm frequency */
    unsigned long    bi_dsp_freq; /* dsp core frequency */
    unsigned long    bi_ddr_freq; /* ddr frequency */
#if defined(CONFIG_5xx) || defined(CONFIG_8xx) || defined(CONFIG_MPC8260) \
    || defined(CONFIG_E500) || defined(CONFIG_MPC86xx)
    unsigned long    bi_immr_base;    /* base of IMMR register */
#if defined(CONFIG_MPC5xxx) || defined(CONFIG_M68K)
    unsigned long    bi_mbar_base;    /* base of internal registers */
#if defined(CONFIG_MPC83xx)
    unsigned long    bi_immrbar;
    unsigned long    bi_bootflags;    /* boot / reboot flag (Unused) */
    unsigned long    bi_ip_addr;    /* IP Address */
    unsigned char    bi_enetaddr[6];    /* OLD: see README.enetaddr */
    unsigned short    bi_ethspeed;    /* Ethernet speed in Mbps */
    unsigned long    bi_intfreq;    /* Internal Freq, in MHz */
    unsigned long    bi_busfreq;    /* Bus Freq, in MHz */
#if defined(CONFIG_CPM2)
    unsigned long    bi_cpmfreq;    /* CPM_CLK Freq, in MHz */
    unsigned long    bi_brgfreq;    /* BRG_CLK Freq, in MHz */
    unsigned long    bi_sccfreq;    /* SCC_CLK Freq, in MHz */
    unsigned long    bi_vco;        /* VCO Out from PLL, in MHz */
#if defined(CONFIG_MPC512X)
    unsigned long    bi_ipsfreq;    /* IPS Bus Freq, in MHz */
#endif /* CONFIG_MPC512X */
#if defined(CONFIG_MPC5xxx) || defined(CONFIG_M68K)
    unsigned long    bi_ipbfreq;    /* IPB Bus Freq, in MHz */
    unsigned long    bi_pcifreq;    /* PCI Bus Freq, in MHz */
    unsigned long bi_inpfreq;    /* input Freq in MHz */
    unsigned long bi_vcofreq;    /* vco Freq in MHz */
    unsigned long bi_flbfreq;    /* Flexbus Freq in MHz */
#if defined(CONFIG_405)   || \
        defined(CONFIG_405GP) || \
        defined(CONFIG_405EP) || \
        defined(CONFIG_405EZ) || \
        defined(CONFIG_405EX) || \
    unsigned char    bi_s_version[4];    /* Version of this structure */
    unsigned char    bi_r_version[32];    /* Version of the ROM (AMCC) */
    unsigned int    bi_procfreq;    /* CPU (Internal) Freq, in Hz */
    unsigned int    bi_plb_busfreq;    /* PLB Bus speed, in Hz */
    unsigned int    bi_pci_busfreq;    /* PCI Bus speed, in Hz */
    unsigned char    bi_pci_enetaddr[6];    /* PCI Ethernet MAC address */

    unsigned char   bi_enet1addr[6];    /* OLD: see README.enetaddr */
    unsigned char    bi_enet2addr[6];    /* OLD: see README.enetaddr */
    unsigned char   bi_enet3addr[6];    /* OLD: see README.enetaddr */
    unsigned char   bi_enet4addr[6];    /* OLD: see README.enetaddr */
    unsigned char   bi_enet5addr[6];    /* OLD: see README.enetaddr */

#if defined(CONFIG_405GP) || defined(CONFIG_405EP) || \
        defined(CONFIG_405EZ) || defined(CONFIG_440GX) || \
        defined(CONFIG_440EP) || defined(CONFIG_440GR) || \
        defined(CONFIG_440EPX) || defined(CONFIG_440GRX) || \
        defined(CONFIG_460EX) || defined(CONFIG_460GT)
    unsigned int    bi_opbfreq;        /* OPB clock in Hz */
    int        bi_iic_fast[2];        /* Use fast i2c mode */
#if defined(CONFIG_4xx)
#if defined(CONFIG_440GX) || \
        defined(CONFIG_460EX) || defined(CONFIG_460GT)
    int        bi_phynum[4];           /* Determines phy mapping */
    int        bi_phymode[4];          /* Determines phy mode */
#elif defined(CONFIG_405EP) || defined(CONFIG_405EX) || defined(CONFIG_440)
    int        bi_phynum[2];           /* Determines phy mapping */
    int        bi_phymode[2];          /* Determines phy mode */
    int        bi_phynum[1];           /* Determines phy mapping */
    int        bi_phymode[1];          /* Determines phy mode */
#endif /* defined(CONFIG_4xx) */
    ulong            bi_arch_number;    /* unique id for this board */
    ulong            bi_boot_params;    /* where this board expects params */
    struct {            /* RAM configuration */
        phys_addr_t start;
        phys_size_t size;
    } bi_dram[CONFIG_NR_DRAM_BANKS];
} bd_t;